Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management eBook

How Does The Revenue Cycle Management Process Affect Your Bottom Line?

This guide gives a comprehensive overview of the healthcare revenue cycle management process as well as considerations for outsourcing your RCM to a third-party provider, or keeping it in-house.

The RCM eBook includes:

  • The four main healthcare revenue cycle management steps with an RCM process flowchart.
  • The current challenges associated with the healthcare revenue cycle.
  • RCM best practices to process claims, reduce errors and increase revenue and patient satisfaction.
  • The best metrics to measure a healthy and successful healthcare RCM system.

Invest in Success, Not Software

Software can slow you down – instead of choosing an EHR, choose a business partner. This white paper covers what it means to find a partner who can take work off your plate and is as invested in your success as you are. A great strategic partner can help you:

  • Reduce your overall operating costs, instead of adding an expense,
  • Focus only on the work that generates revenue
  • Free up providers and staff to do what they do best
  • And much more

athenahealth’s Partnership Model

Finding the right healthcare IT services for your organization can seem like a choice between two extremes. Should you choose the fully outsourced vendor that saves you time but reduces your control? Or choose a technology-only solution and keep all your work in-house?

Download this datasheet to learn more about how athenahealth’s partnership model works to help you strike the right balance in your practice.

athenahealth For Independent Practices

Running a practice is complicated but we’re here to make it all a little easier. This datasheet shows the type of benefits that independent practices can expect, including:

  • Making the most of your financial performance
  • Freeing up providers time so they can do their best work
  • Effortlessly keeping pace with industry changes
  • And much more

Trade Your EHR for ROI

Learn more about four key ways that athenahealth products and Quatris Healthco can improve your practice ROI, including:

  • Reducing your fees and expenses.
  • Acquiring and retaining patients.
  • Improving your organization’s productivity
  • Boosting your collection rate.