comprehensive EMR ebook cover

Understanding EMRs: What’s The Best EMR System for Your Practice?

Implementing an EMR system within a practice can benefit overall practice productivity, care quality, and the bottom line. The Veterans Affairs department found that EMR/EHR systems may improve efficiency by 6% each year.

This comprehensive EMR ebook can help you understand what to expect out of your EMR system:

  • What are the major benefits and features of a good EMR system?
  • What are signs that your EMR might be lagging behind the rest of the industry?
  • What are the most important things to consider when picking an EMR system?
  • What are common challenges practice’s face when switching EMR systems?
clinic success with practice management ebook cover

Clinic Success With Practice Management

Creating and managing a thriving medical practice takes more than a team of talented practitioners: it takes experienced administrators responsible for maintaining and enhancing practice efficiency, professional satisfaction, and the delivery of patient care. This comprehensive ebook covers everything you need to know to improve practice management, including:

  • The key components of practice management
  • Common practice management challenges that practice’s have to overcome
  • When is practice management software helpful?
  • How does practice management work together with your EMR?

Leveraging Chronic Care Management to Improve MIPS Performance

A Chronic Care Management (CCM) program fully supports the Quality metrics necessary to maximize incentives and minimize penalties under MIPS. The specific quality metrics supported will be practice and specialty dependent – this resource illustrates a handful of the examples of MIPS metrics that can be met by implementing a CCM program, including:

  • Controlling high blood pressure
  • Hypertension: Improvement in blood pressure
  • Body mass index screening
  • Preventive care and screening: Influenza immunization
  • Diabetes: Eye exam
  • Diabetes: Hemoglobin A1C poor control
  • Bipolar Disorder and Major Depression: Appraisal for alcohol or chemical substance use
  • Many more