Data Security

EPCS Mandates: What You Need to Know

May 12th, 2020

* This article is up to date as of December 17, 2020 * Medical practices and pharmacies are struggling to control the misuse of opioids and other prescription medications – with the national legalization of electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), many states are on the path to making EPCS…

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A Simple Review of Life in the Cloud in The Healthcare Industry

July 23rd, 2019

Cloud computing has become commonplace in medical practices, and we continue to see an uptick of practices year-over-year choosing to move to the Cloud. Gone are the days of maintaining in-house servers, having to schedule upgrades at inconvenient times, and purchasing new hardware. Today’s medical practices are also realizing that…

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Keeping your Patient and Financial Data Safe from Ransomware in the Healthcare Industry

July 15th, 2019

There has been a global uptick and a wide variety of incidences in 2019 related to ransomware in the healthcare industry. Ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated and are not just targeting hardware and software vulnerabilities. Criminals are leveraging social engineering to find opportunities to exploit businesses.  Medical practices today must…

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Protect Your Patients and Your Clinic with Centricity™ Practice Solution

August 11th, 2017

A clinic’s EMR is like its circulatory system—damage it in any way and everyone in the clinic, including your patients, suffers the consequences. Alarmingly, there are thousands of clinics running faulty EMR software today. You might have heard that the executives at eClinicalWorks agreed to pay $155 million in fines—rather…

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Clinics Trust GE Healthcare for Good Reason

June 23rd, 2017

Trust between physician and patient is sacred. Trust between clinic and EHR provider is as well. That’s why news that top executives at EHR software provider, eClinicalWorks, willfully manipulated their software to achieve federal certification has rightfully sent shockwaves across the industry. Clinic admins and physicians are now all asking the tough…

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Five Healthcare Trends To Monitor In 2017

January 4th, 2017

It’s a new year and time to take a close look at the changes and challenges ahead. Healthcare is a dynamic field that requires constant learning and collaboration—it’s one of the things we love about it. In this spirit, the HealthCo team put our heads together and came up with…

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Protect Your Practice from a Crippling Data Breach Before It’s Too Late

July 28th, 2015

UCLA Health announced a breach last week of 4.5 million patient records. This is bad news for the university health system and their patients, and it could be bad news for you if you believe these breaches only happen to big organizations with lots of records. Unfortunately, this is not…

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