Quatris Healthco & Centricity Practice Solution

Together, Quatris Healthco and Centricity offers a best-of-both-worlds solution for clinics

The combined quality of Quatris Healthco and Centricity’s Practice Solution means clinics benefit everywhere. Virence’s multi-billion dollar investment in enterprise-level healthcare technology backed by Quatris Healthco’s local, personalized, best in class service and support allows clinics to get the most from their IT systems while enabling them to deliver value-based care.

Quatris Healthco is unique in our singular focus

We don’t make software—we make EMR and billing software more usable and effective. To help our customers in clinics thrive, it is our job to know Centricity Practice Solution and the universe of Add-On Products inside and out. We must understand the clinic business as well as our own, and be able to see what’s ahead.

We are proud to offer Virence’s enterprise-level technology and demonstrate to our customers how to get the greatest return possible from their investments. Profitable clinics that run smoothly are better able to serve patients and deliver improved outcomes.

Look through our case studies to learn how Quatris Healthco and Centricity help clinics everywhere