Centricity EMR

Taking better care of patients is always the goal. It’s our job to help you achieve this goal by perfecting the healthcare IT configuration in your practice.

The Right Way To Manage Electronic Medical Records

Today, as the industry moves rapidly to value-based care, it’s more important than ever to work with a flexible, physician-focused EMR that can be easily customized for your practice’s unique needs. That’s why Quatris Healthco works closely with physicians and practice administrators to develop successful data flows for the practice.

This is no place to compromise or cut corners. Your practice’s EMR must be as reliable as electricity and manageable as a blood pressure cuff. With Quatris Healthco on your side, you can run your operations seamlessly, and rely on simple, consistent, safe access to your patient data at all times.

Centricity EMR

Centricity EMR is a highly usable and exceptionally customizable EMR solution for ambulatory practices. The EMR module enables you to practice medicine your own way and helps you tackle industry change head on. With Quatris Healthco, you gain exceptional service, combined with the power of a modern EMR offering.

On its own, or paired with Centricity Practice Management, Centricity EMR is a powerful solution for your practice. With Centricity EMR, you are able to:

  • Tailor the solution to your unique workflow needs, EMR experience level and user preferences.
  • Use our pre-built forms and templates — designed by physicians and users — or design your own.
  • Enter structured data by scanning, point-and-click, keyboard entry, voice recognition and quick-texts.

Practices from Coast-to-Coast Rely On Centricity Practice Solution for EMR

Practices are obligated by law to keep patient records secure. But it’s not as simple as placing them under lock and key, for the records must also be instantly accessible to a variety of healthcare professionals, inside and outside the practice setting. We provide an elegant solution for practices seeking to integrate EMR with revenue cycle and practice management solutions.

Quatris Healthco works closely with practices to customize an EMR setup and create a system that will:

During the implementation phase, Quatris Healthco runs through a checklist of nearly 200 different needs that practices may have for EMR. Some physicians prefer to use one template over another, or prefer to use speech recognition software—whatever the need, we find a working EMR solution for our customers.

Content Customization Within Centricity Practice Solution and EMR

Centricity is flexible by design. We never want any clinician to fight the forms they use, and with our advanced customization capabilities, there will be no fighting. Now, you can adopt our new tool kit to help you rapidly create and modify encounter forms for Centricity Practice Solution (CPS) and Centricity EMR.

Encounter forms are a collection of widgets, such as check boxes, drop-down lists, and text boxes, that are grouped together to create a data entry tool that makes it easy to quickly record patient information during a chart update. Designing and modifying forms used to be a time-consuming pain. Thankfully, those days are gone for good.

Centricity Clinical Content

Centricity Clinical Content (CCC) is additional functionality that provides physicians decision-support tools to help reduce medical errors and improve efficiency in data collection and entry. The backbone of CCC is a set of core encounter forms, which make entering standard clinical data more intuitive and efficient. Using the core forms as a starting point, physicians can choose the level of decision support they begin with, which facilitates learning and progressing at a comfortable speed. Customization is a powerful option with CCC – with easy to use editors, your practice can adjust content to the way you work.

Effective, easy to understand list-building tools within the application.

Build specialized content with an encounter form editor tool.

Hook into favorite forms developed by others, allowing for greater flexibility.

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