Centricity EMR Plus Staff Training Equals Lives Saved!

When EMRs first burst onto the healthcare scene, the promise was simple: better care for patients through an electronic system of data collection, sharing and tracking. Some physicians continue to wonder if this is a promise unfulfilled. For those still on the fence, we offer a compelling customer story.

David Swartout, owner and clinic administrator of Mountain View Medical, located in the suburban Forest Grove, Oregon, attended HealthCo’s annual company meeting last August. David shared real stories about how his clinic’s use of GE Healthcare’s Centricity EMR platform, combined with staff training, has saved 12 women from the perils of late-stage breast cancer.


Here is the heart of David’s impactful testimony:

It’s not every day that a customer affirms one’s work, and further adds that one’s work helps to save lives. We are humbled to be an active support system for the team at Mountain View Medical, and all our customers in clinics throughout the Pacific Northwest and the nation.