Chronic Care Management Services

Our cost-effective, high-touch care helps your practice today, while preparing for value-based reimbursement models in the future.

We all want to succeed under value-based reimbursement models, however it can be challenging for busy medical practices. Chronic Care Management (CCM) is one of the handful of initiative programs that CMS has launched over the last few years to help providers transition to focusing on Population Health. Deploying a chronic care management program is a great opportunity for providers to enhance their relationship with their patients while also generating a new revenue stream for the practice.

However Chronic Care Management regulatory guidelines require extensive investments in people and technology. As such, workflow disruptions often outweigh the benefits of adopting the program and it can be costly and time consuming to manage the chronic care management process without a trusted partner.

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RevUp Chronic Care Management

RevUp is a chronic care management service that integrates with athenaPractice to assemble the patient’s CCM care plan and make it available securely anytime, anywhere. Using the care plan, the care team acts as a trusted extension of the provider to help patients meet their health goals by tracking of medication compliance, patient counseling, relationship building, and early detection of adverse health events.

RevUp can help you provide cost effective, high touch care that allows your practice to benefit from fee-for-service reimbursement today, while preparing for value-based reimbursement models in the future.

RevUp includes a smartphone application and internet portal that support patient engagement. Patient data is acquired through modalities including the RevUp mobile and web applications, monitoring devices, fitness trackers, and telephonic communication. This collected data is integrated into athenaPractice to provide a comprehensive view of the patient’s health between office visits to support a high touch care model and enable new provider insights.

RevUp Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

The RevUp Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program interfaces directly with digital healthcare devices so you can remotely monitor and assess patient data. With RevUp & RPM, you can provide valuable care and attention to your patients, while minimizing the load on your clinical staff and increasing revenue.

  • Remotely monitor the health vitals of your patients.
  • Automated escalation when a patient needs closer attention.
  • Patient outreach to assist your practice in encouraging device usage.
  • Monthly reporting and analytics for document care, vital measurements, and more.
  • Built-in claims management for services delivered.
  • Easy to use billing reporting for your whole team.

RevUp Differentiators

  • Rapidly scale care management with a value-based care foundation.
  • Generate from $50k to $100k / provider / year in net revenue.
  • Improve MIPS & APM Performance by 15+ points.
  • Each enrolled patient receives 20 minutes of proactive personalized non face-to-face care each month.
  • With RPM, patient-provided data is easily collected and monitored, regardless of the patient’s technological capability..
  • Sophisticated, machine learning techniques mine patient data and discover insights to continually improve our care management approach and patient health.
  • Used by ~750 providers who care for nearly 1.5 million lives each year.
  • Proven patient engagement and clinical outcomes.
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