Protect Your Patients’ Data With Quatris Healthco’s Cloud Hosting

With medical identity theft on the rise, it pays to host with the pros. We all have our areas of specialization. Physicians spend their entire residency working to learn and perfect their chosen path in medicine. In healthcare IT, we get to skip medical school and the residency, but we do spend sleepless nights learning code and how networked communications works. We also see where the vulnerabilities are, and this leads us to provide a compelling solution.

When it comes to managing your Centricity servers, we strongly recommend letting the experts take care of your practice’s data maintenance and security.


The inability to access a patient’s data records due to server downtime (or any other reason) is not just “bad business” for your practice, it could impact patient safety, and that’s never acceptable to any practice admin or managing physician.

With Quatris Healthco’s cloud solution, you won’t need to worry about uptime, updates, or cyber thieves looking to steal your practice’s data. When you host Centricity Practice Solution on our servers, you receive:

  • Nearly perfect uptime/availability
  • A HIPAA/SOX/NEBS-compliant data center and ASP environment
  • Offsite data backup
  • Access to Centricity from any connected device in the world
  • Management and reporting for all Centricity-related Microsoft licenses

Built from the ground up, Quatris Healthco’s data center stores your practice’s information, letting you focus on patient care, while we handle the technology, the security patches, system updates and the rest.

90% of provider organizations surveyed by KLAS Research are either currently hosting or considering hosting their data off-premises.