Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I write electronic prescriptions with athenaPractice’s EMR functionality?

A. Absolutely. athenaPractice links with the SecureScripts network, which encompasses 95% or more of all the pharmacies in the country. We also follow state-specific rules for medication classes that are not allowed for eRx in your states.

Q. Does Quatris Healthco have experience with my specialty?

A. We have done athenaPractice implementations in nearly every clinical specialty. However, we never want to make an assumption about you and your specialty. Because each practice is unique, we will use a combination of our experience and your desired results to guide the implementation toward the goals we mutually agree upon in your plan.

Q. Will I need specific IT resources to implement the athenaPractice software?

A. Yes. The implementation of an EMR is a significant endeavor. Network security, back-ups and interfaces with labs all require a focused level of attention. That attention can either be delivered through an IT organization in your local area, or we can host your application to mitigate concerns. Our cloud model for athenaPractice (EMR and PM) allows for high availability; a HIPAA/SOX/NEBS-compliant data center and ASP environment; redundant architecture to protect against hardware or connectivity failure including automated management of resources; offsite data backup; secure and easy access to athenaPractice from anywhere in the world; and the management and reporting of all Microsoft Licensing needed for the athenaPractice Suite of applications.

Q. What are the selection criteria I should consider when shopping for an EMR?

A. EMR applications provide a wide range of functionality, and user interfaces. The EMR will become the hub of all clinical activity in your office, and you want to evaluate not just individual components of the application, but the workflow and efficiencies it enables throughout the entire practice. These include automated clinical alerts, automated ordering processes based on insurance information of the patient, direct access to reference materials and documentation options to ensure the use of the application regardless of technical aptitude of the users.

Q. Does athenaPractice easily integrate with other software systems?

A. Yes.  athenaPractice is a system designed to effectively communicate with other “outside” software systems.  Our technicians have had the opportunity to explore a wide variety of integration requirements – all integrations are built, tested and supported by our team of specialists.  Once we build it for you, we support the integration for the lifetime of your customer relationship with Quatris Healthco.

Q. How do I convert data from my current system to athenaPractice?

A. Our Quatris Healthco data conversion team will work with you to scope the conversion of data from your current system.  Sample data will be tested before a full conversion is complete.

Q. How long does it take to get up and running once we decide athenaPractice is the right choice?

A. Each implementation is custom, so each has its own timeline. In other words, it depends. The Quatris Healthco team will be able to provide you a timeline and project scope during your evaluation of our EMR and PM solutions. Timelines vary from one to six months, based on practice needs, customization requirements, practice staff availability and the implementation calendar for our Quatris Healthco team.

Q. Who will I work with for athenaPractice implementation?

A. Once you decide to move forward with Quatris Healthco and athenaPractice, a dedicated implementation specialist will be assigned to your practice and he or she will help guide you through the entirety of your project. Our trainers have on average over seven years of tenure with Quatris Healthco and most have worked in the practice setting prior to joining our team.

Q. When and how often is training provided?

A. Quatris Healthco keeps up a regular schedule of training opportunities for practice staff. We believe in a “train the trainer” model that allows practices to build internal expertise.  As a customer you will have access to a comprehensive on demand library of computer based training that you can utilize as often as you like.  In addition, Quatris Healthco provides a number of classes and webinars to keep our customers current on the athenaPractice product. Please see the Training page for more details.

Q. Will a trainer be on site for our implementation and rollout?

A. In most cases, yes, a Quatris Healthco representative will be on-site during the implementation of athenaPractice. While some practices do prefer to execute their implementation and training remotely, we find most successful implementations occur when Quatris Healthco staff can spend time in your office observing your practice workflows and then determine how to support those with athenaPractice.

Q. If/when I have a problem using athenaPractice, who do I call at Quatris Healthco?

With any question you ever have about athenaPractice, you simply pick up the phone and call Quatris Healthco’s team of U.S.-based support staff.  Our athenaPractice pros are your dedicated resource for addressing system questions. The average support team member at Quatris Healthco has over five years of tenure and knows athenaPractice inside and out.

Q. What kind of internal reporting capability does athenaPractice have?

There are currently two options for reporting with athenaPractice. Quatris Healthco’s “Value Pack” provides over 300-plus reports. Our database of reports grows each time a new report is constructed for a Quatris Healthco customer.  For even more granular reporting, athenaPractice Analytics is available.

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