Optimize Your Practice with HealthCheck

To get the most from your investment and operate your practice at peak performance, we have devised a comprehensive health check for athenaPractice

Time for a Tune-Up?

Our HealthCheck is a great way to optimize practice workflows, so athenaPractice can do the heavy lifting – even the most adept athenaPractice users can learn new tricks. We realize that getting the most from your investment in athenaPractice and operating your practice at peak performance is paramount.

During the HealthCheck, you will receive hands-on help from our experts in all things athenaPractice, helping to identify any weak points in your IT system and help turn present-day problems into actionable solutions.

HealthCheck Benefits

Our HealthCheck is the smart way to turn present-day problems into actionable solutions:

The HealthCheck Process

Our HealthCheck services are customized based on your specific needs. When you participate in an athenaPractice HealthCheck, you receive a full evaluation that you can use to improve workflows, develop better processes, and utilize the athenaPractice tools already available to you.

We observe how clinicians use athenaPractice by shadowing them while they perform their daily work. We then compile and share our observations and make recommendations for system and workflow improvements.

Does Your Practice Need a HealthCheck?

If your practice is struggling with any of the following issues, it might be time for an athenaPractice HealthCheck:

Quatris Healthco is Ready to Help

A HealthCheck will ensure that you’re on the way to greater automation and a cleaned-up A/R, better cash flow and return on investment, and more efficient athenaPractice users. 

Optimize athenaPractice with HealthCheck

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