Save Your Practice Time & Money With Hosted Claims Manager

February 26, 2020

The costs of filing errors in medical claims add up. Claim revision slows down payment collection cycles. It eats up labor hours. And it threatens to drain the goodwill between doctors and business office staff.

The repayment process can feel slow even when claim forms are perfect. The tiniest of coding errors on a form can delay payments for months, and risk losing payment altogether.

But all of these burdens can be avoided. Our user-friendly Hosted Claims Manager is able to ensure that 98% of your outgoing claims are error-free and successfully processed on the first attempt.

What Is Hosted Claims Manager?

Quatris Healthco’s Hosted Claims Manager is a cloud-based management platform designed to streamline workflow for claim processing in real-time.

All staff members – from doctors to the front desk – can easily complete their tasks from anywhere they please by logging in to one digital platform.  Using predictive algorithms and editable databases, Hosted Claims Manager ensures that data is entered correctly before it leaves your office.

How It Works

  1. Physicians enter diagnoses to the claim form via the management platform. The platform algorithms automatically enter corresponding CPT and diagnosis codes.
  2. When the form is complete, the platform scrubs all fields of the claim form. It verifies against federal coding rules in its regularly updated database. It verifies against payer-specific contracts and individual patient history.
  3. All potential errors are flagged individually. Context and explainers for each error are provided by the platform so that your business office staff can correct them and scrub it all again.
  4. Staff are prompted to edit claim fields until all fields are deemed valid.
  5. Once the claim is analyzed, verified, and free of errors, Hosted Claims Manager sends it off to the insurer and tracks its status.

Features of Hosted Claims Manager

The Hosted Claims Manager tool includes:

  • Edit-friendly database
  • Flexible, payer-specific rules engine
  • Accessible interface
  • Real-time claims tracking

The platform can be integrated with the DenialsIQ system to identify trends based on the claims from your office that are denied. DenialsIQ can detail trends across numerous fields, including:

  • Code
  • Payer
  • Physician
  • Location

By identifying problem areas and repeat challenges, your office can improve its system and promote professional development by educating the staff on these patterns.

Benefits of Hosted Claims Manager

Small and large-scale practices see micro and macro-level benefits from Hosted Claims Manager. Here are a few:

  • Maximize practice’s revenue cycle and yield shorter turnaround time for payment collection
  • Improve claims accuracy and enjoy a higher pass rate on all claims
  • Keep up with government compliance with updated databases and predictive algorithms that stay on top of ever-changing regulations
  • Save time for your staff by letting smart technology handle the research and claim assessment
  • Focus on higher-order concerns, like your patients, instead of paperwork
  • Improve relations between medical and business office staff by reducing back-and-forth about errors and inconsistencies
  • Create a culture of constant innovation by identifying, correlating, and explaining errors so that staff understand how to improve their own performance.

The result for most practices is a 98% first-pass claim rate.

Smarter Tech for A More Dynamic Practice

By increasing revenue and freeing up more time for your staff, Hosted Claims Manager allows you to focus on what matters the most: providing the best possible care for your patients

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