How Technology Can Improve Community Health

August 26, 2019

Today’s Community Health Centers play a key role in the transformation to value-based care. Gone are the days of disparate systems that lack the functionality and workflow to address the specific needs of CHCs. Across the country, community health technology is growing rapidly, allowing CHCs to address everything from care delivery, to population health, financial management, patient engagement, and more, all in a single solution.

The Key Pillars of Community Health Technology

These 4 key pillars show how updating the underlying community health technology that manages CHC’s can assist in speeding up the transition to a value-based care system:

1. Enhance Care Quality

Community Health Centers want to deliver high quality informed care – these insights are only possible through cutting edge technology that provides the ability to view complete data in one patient view or across the entire clinic. It’s crucial to adhere to care guidelines with clinical decision support at the point of care, and regularly update protocols with evidence-based guidelines sourced from current medical literature. Tracking referrals to completion and integrating clinical data from other care settings into your workflow can also help to close the loop. Lastly, having access to data analytics can help CHCs evaluate provider performance against key quality metrics and identify and resolve potential care gaps.

2. Increase Provider Efficiency

CHC providers are always looking for ways to improve efficiency – care coordination across medical, dental, and behavioral health providers is essential for that to occur. The ability to thoroughly document with speed can be challenging if your EMR content was not designed specifically for a CHC provider (be sure to keep this in mind when you change your EMR in the future). In order to minimize time spent searching, look for ways to accelerate chart reviews, possibly by integrating external data into workflows. Lastly, simplify data entry and automate processes with one command where available.

3. Strengthen Financial Performance

CHCs collective mission is to deliver high-quality, affordable healthcare services to the communities they serve. In order to effectively fund the mission, traditional revenue streams can be optimized by managing eligibility and claims within the workflow, handling multiple primary insurance carriers, and accommodating sliding fee-scales. Also, automating the claim scrubbing process can help to reduce cycle time. Lastly, aggregate data for reporting to address the CHCs unique data requirements within the providers’ routine workflow, which in turn can be used to support grants and alternative revenue streams.

4. Accelerate your transformation

Use the cutting-edge tools available in your practice management and EMR system to identify your populations at risk and prioritize your care team activities. Also, leverage available cost and utilization analytics to help reduce total medical expenses and look for ways to improve performance by tracking quality metric performance by site, provider, or patient and identify actionable insights. accurately documenting patient risk using algorithms can help to identify crucial documentation and suspected risk gaps, so you can more accurately code and track patient risk.

A Single Solution for Community Health Technology

Don’t let your key infrastructure and systems get dragged down by out-of-date technology. If you’d like to learn more about how Quatris Healthco can help CHCs, check out our Community Health Center EMR & PM page

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