Quatris Healthco’s interoperability solutions innovate across every aspect of healthcare, letting practices seamlessly and securely share healthcare data.

Patient Data That’s Accurate, Available, and System Agnostic

Technology’s promise is almost always new and highly appealing, but fulfilling these promises has proven to be difficult for technology providers of every sort, including providers of EMR software. We can all envision how it’s supposed to be, but few of us can effectively create that future while running an existing business.

At Quatris Healthco, we operate on a different frequency. We’re driving innovation at a hurried pace, because that’s what healthcare demands of us, and of our partners in practices. The services in this Integration bundle are critical rungs on the ladder, as we climb together to a higher place where patient data is like air—always needed and always there.

Hospital Connect

Hospital Connect allow practices to send and receive medical continuity of care information to and from EPIC, Cerner, and other EMR vendors that participate in The Sequoia Project’s Carequality Interoperability Framework. Hospital Connect gives you access to over 600,000 providers in 40,000 practices and 1,400 hospitals. Patient’s charts are seamlessly integrated between systems – this is the continuity of care that hospitals, physicians, and patients have longed for, but haven’t had access to until now.

Today, patients are ultimately responsible for the transfer of any medical records from a hospital admission to their primary care physicians and/or specialists. By adding Hospital Connect to athenaPractice, practices will be able to seamlessly receive electronic transfer of patient records. Hospital Connect takes an imperfect and labor-heavy process and turns it into a quick and reliable push-button process.

Hospital Connect features include:

Integration Services

Patient data is precious. Now, how do you share it across many platforms? Thankfully, Quatris Healthco’s Data Integration Analysts are adept at connecting athenaPractice to a wealth of other Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record systems, medical equipment and devices, laboratories, hospitals, imaging vendors, health registries, and Health Information Exchanges.

Using Health Level Seven International (HL7) and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) integration frameworks, our team is able to connect these disparate systems and support your practice with the solutions that best meet the needs of your particular practice.

Tap Quatris Healthco’s Integration team to provide:

  • Data extractions and data conversions
  • Product installations and upgrades
  • Installation of service pack applications
  • Custom SQL jobs, scripts, and automation

Direct Messaging

Direct Messaging is a HIPAA-compliant easy messaging methodology used by healthcare providers and health systems to securely share patient information electronically. Similar to secure e-mail, Direct Messaging was developed specifically to share health information electronically.

Quality Payment Programs (QPP) require the electronic transmission of patient summary of care records using certified EMR technology and Direct Messaging is an easy way to meet this requirement. In conjunction with our Patient Portal, and your Orders settings in athenaPractice, Direct Messaging (which meets Transition of Care Direct Messaging requirements for QPP) is an automated and easy process.

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