Is it time for a HealthCheck?

July 1, 2019

In today’s busy medical practices, it’s hard to find time to step back and assess whether workflows and processes are functioning at peak performance. System reports, various backlogs, and other indicators might point to areas needing help, but too often, we can’t find the time to turn the problems into actionable solutions!

Wouldn’t it be ideal to work with a trusted partner that is familiar with your practice and able to conduct a athenaPractice assessment or tune-up per se of your system? We know medical practices invest a lot of money in their “systems” and getting the most from their investment is paramount.

Quatris Healthco realizes the importance of offering customers this type of value-added assessment, and we call it: HealthCheck. HealthCheck is an ideal way to optimize practice workflows and allow athenaPractice to do the heavy lifting. The tune-up technicians (our experts) provide hands-on help in all things athenaPractice for both new and established users. When you participate in a HealthCheck, you receive a full evaluation that you can use to improve workflows, develop better processes and utilize the athenaPractice tools to make sure you are getting the most out of your athenaPractice investment.

A HealthCheck will ensure that you’re on the way to greater automation with a cleaned-up A/R, better cash flow and return on investment, and more efficient athenaPractice users.

Five Signs That It’s Time for a athenaPractice HealthCheck

  1. Your clinic has new administrative, clinical or billing staff
  2. It’s been more than two years since you implemented athenaPractice
  3. Your athenaPractice workflows feel burdensome and clunky
  4. You have concerns about your A/R and/or claims processes
  5. Clinic staff uses workarounds outside athenaPractice

A HealthCheck gives you the information you need to identify the root of the problem and find a solution to take your team’s use of athenaPractice to the next level.

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