Measure Methodically To Make A Major Difference

April 12, 2017

Clinics are working overtime to meet the demands of value-based care.

In today’s healthcare environment, it pays to have a firm grasp on your clinic’s key performance indicators. That’s why we made this new visual aid to help elevate the importance of tracking to your clinic’s bottom line.

HC_KPI tracker poster_6

Chris Lay of Cascade Orthopedics says, “Centricity provides the necessary reporting for our billing and collections team to really analyze the data. Our surgeon-owner has an M.B.A., and he expects quality data to be delivered in a timely manner, which we’re able to deliver with HealthCo.”

We love to hear positive testimony like Chris’s because it validates our focus on helping clinics track key metrics and sift through quality data.

Order your own Clinic KPIs poster today. The poster arrives with a set of instructions for best use, and we are happy to discuss KPIs in greater detail on the phone or in person.

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