Medical Contracting & Credentialing Services

Minimize mistakes, maximize collections, and build credibility with contracting and credentialing services. Our specialists take the burden of application research and management off of your shoulders, ensuring that you’re partnered up with insurer networks in a matter of weeks.

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Take The Guesswork Out of Medical Credentialing

Credentialing is imperative for any medical practice. Insurer contracts expand your client base and ensure more consistent payment. Our team helps manage every aspect of the medical credentialing and contracting process:

Commercial insurance provider enrollment and credentialing

Assist medical practices with new credentialing applications

Facilitate the credentialing process for new practices joining managed care networks

Government payer enrollments

Initial profile registrations and continuous quarterly re-attestations for CAQ

Assist medical practices with negotiating contracts with managed care plans

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Medical Credentialing Services Increase Revenue and Efficiency

Increase Revenue

Credentials are awarded on schedule, insurer contracts begin promptly, revenue sources grow.

Focus on Your Practice

You can focus on running your business and providing excellent care while we take care of the details.

Protect Your Team

Credentialing ensures that your physicians are thoroughly vetted and up to date with licensure.

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