Quality Consulting

Taking better care of patients is always the goal. It’s our job to help you achieve this goal by perfecting the healthcare IT configuration in your practice.

Partnering with you to reach your Quality Goals

In response to the growing complexity of CMS Quality Reporting programs, Quality Consulting has now delivered consulting services to hundreds of providers, practice managers and executives. Our client partners are extremely pleased with the positive outcomes this program brings to their practices. We consistently witness great return-on-investment at a surprisingly low cost.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the program is that you and your team can have peace of mind around your reporting process and really gain in-depth knowledge of the process.

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Program Overview

Complimentary Pre-Program Assessment
Prior to enrolling in the Quality Consulting program, our experts provide a complimentary assessment of the current state of your practice to determine your baseline readiness. Recommendations may be made at this point to help you decided if Quality Consulting is right for you.

Throughout the Year
You will meet frequently with an expert who will guide you to avoid any penalties and reach incentives and bonuses. Our consultants use sophisticated quality analytic tools combined with their deep industry knowledge. Our consultants analyze your current practices considering quality goals, make recommendations as to any changes, and keeping you apprised as to progress throughout the year.

Attestation Time / Audit Support
Our two most popular elements of the program occur at attestation time. We are by your side during your CMS attestation ensuring accuracy and prepare an Audit Tool Kit for you. Our consultants are “Audit Veterans”. In the event of a CMS audit, they remain with you through this often stressful process.

Pricing – Return on Investment
Quatris Healthco’s Quality Consulting is priced to be very affordable for your practice. We have incorporated a two-tiered pricing model.

  • Smaller practices can benefit from consulting services that may have been out-of-reach in the past.
  • Larger practices are also surprised at how affordable MIPS Quality consulting service is – especially compared to their return-on-investment.
    Financial Impact Sample
Financial Impact: Conservative Estimates – Budget Neutrality – Score to avoid penalty is 75.  Bonus for score of 89 or more

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