MIPS 2019 Tidbits

April 10, 2019

You should have already completed your 2018 attestations. A few key things to keep in mind as you begin to monitor the data in CQR.

  • PI Tab in CQR 
    • Measures must be monitored on the “PI” tab.  The “PI Transition” tab is no longer an option for reporting in 2019.
    • An upgrade to 12.3 (preferably 12.3.3) is required, along with additional 2015 CEHRT components being enabled before the measures will be accurately reported in CQR. 
    • The additional components that must be set up and enabled in addition to the upgrade to 12.3 (preferably 12.3.3) to be fully 2015 CEHRT compliant are:
      • Azure AD
      • API
      • CCDA 2.1
    • The new scoring methodology for the 2019 reporting year for the PI component has not been updated in CQR.  This is slated for late April.
  • 2019 Quality measure updates
    • Quality measures are continuing to be updated to the 2019 measure specifications, with 11 measures being updated with the next CQR update slated for late April.
    • Currently if the reporting year of 2019 is selected it is calculating the score based on a category weight of 60.  The correct category weight for 2019 reporting is 45.

MIPS Consulting

Quatris Healthco offers quality consulting services to our Centricity customers. For information contact mkeller@qhco.com. For non-Centricity customers contact your EMR vendor on processes for support and quality reporting programs.

*Note: The content of this email may not apply to your practice. Contact your EMR vendor for support and quality reporting programs.

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