MIPS Tips (August)

The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) 2019 reporting year is approaching the last 90-days. If you are required to or are planning to report to the PI Category of MIPS, pay special attention to the Category Corner for the Upgrade and 2015 CEHRT resources that are available.

Category Corner – In this section, we will review the 2015 CEHRT Requirements as they relate to reporting the PI category of MIPS.

Program Perks – If you are uncertain about meeting the October 1, 2019 deadline, there may be other reporting options available (if you qualify).

Measurement Metrics – In this section, we will focus on specific measures and how to improve your scores.

Toolbox Tactics – In this section, we will focus on tips for how to use Centricity and CQR the Quality Reporting tool to manage and monitor your progress.

MIPS Consulting – Quatris Healthco offers quality consulting services to our Centricity customers. For information contact mkeller@qhco.com. Note: The content of this email may not apply to your practice. Contact your EMR vendor on processes for support and quality reporting program.