January 29, 2019

Whether it is regarding 2018 attestation or preparing for 2019 reporting, it’s important to stay up to date on changes relating to the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) program. Included below are updates and reminders for January 2019.

Category Corner – Improvement Activity Reporting Reminders:

  • Be sure you can support your Improvement Activity with supporting documentation in the event of an audit.
    • Be sure that supporting documentation can provide examples to support the activity for the full reporting period:
      • 90-day recommendation-screen shot from each month of the reporting period.
      • Full year recommendation-screen shot from at least each quarter of the reporting period.
    • Supporting documentation should not contain protected health information (i.e. patient names, date of birth, phone numbers)
    • Review the suggested documentation from CMS for the activity(s) selected and times frames indicated.

Program Perks – Updates from CMS on the Quality Payment Program (QPP): 

  • 2018 QPP Attestation Portal is accessible via https://qpp.cms.gov/login, and the attestation period runs from January 2, 2019 – April 2, 2019.
  • HCQIS Access Roles and Profile (HARP)
    • On December 20th, CMS announced via the QPP Listserv that they were transitioning the way providers access and manage the accounts to submit and review data on the QPP website from the Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) accounts to HARP accounts.
    • To log in and submit data, clinicians need to use the new HCQIS Authorization Roles and Profile in HARP. Previously, clinicians received their credentials through the EIDM system. Clinicians are encouraged to log in early to familiarize themselves with the system.
      • Previous EIDM Accounts: For all clinicians who previously had an EIDM account, you were automatically transitioned to HARP, and will use your existing EIDM user ID and password to sign in to the QPP website.
      • New Clinicians: For all clinicians who didn’t have an EIDM account, you’ll need to enroll with HARP. Refer to register with HARP.
  • QSS Submission for 2018. Enrollment for QSS is open through March 1, 2019. If you are submitting MIPS 2018 data through QSS the attestation window is slated to be February 1 – March 15. Be sure to complete the following tasks:
    • Join MQIC (if not already a member)
    • Enter and validate provider and group information in CQR
    • Enroll in QSS and sign Provider Consents (in CQR under the MQIC tab, status must = Enrolled)
    • Monitor Measures in CQR
    • Assign Source of Payment (SOP) codes for all insurance carriers
    • Authorize Submission
    • Check with you EMR vendor on submitting your data to CMS
    • Confirm your QSS submission on the MQIC tab in CQR
  • Patient Encounter Codes changing in 2019 – if using the Patient Encounter SNOMED code to receive credit for ACI and Quality measures there is a change for 2019 reporting.
    • The current SNOMED code for the Patient Encounter is SCT-308335008.
    • In 2019 this code will be removed and will be replaced with the following two codes:
      • New Patients: SCT-37894004
      • Established Patients: SCT-30346009


Quatris Healthco offers quality consulting services to our Centricity customers. For information contact mkeller@qhco.com. For non-Centricity customers contact your EMR vendor on processes for support and quality reporting programs.

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