More than just an EHR: Boosting your ROI with athenaOne

September 7, 2020

Healthcare technology on its own won’t improve the lives of patients and practitioners, all too often medical businesses sink money into infrastructure without ever seeing it really work. The real magic happens when you’re using tech to its fullest capacities. 

Finding the right practice management program for your business will save you endless hours of stress as well as dollars on the front and back end. But what should you aim for when selecting a platform and provider? With athenaOne, you’re getting a cloud-based service that intuitively organizes every aspect of your practice, whether you’re a small practice or a large healthcare system.

Boosting ROI for Operational Costs

Low up-front and ongoing costs

Studies have shown that optimized practice management cuts operating costs by 5-10%, across the industry. athenaOne provides services through a single, nationwide network, with low capital required to get started, and minimal time or money required to maintain. Our infrastructure is equipped to handle records at scale, and frees you from common but frustrating infrastructure costs:

  • Low start-up fees
  • Low-touch maintenance 
  • Automatic upgrades

Joining an expansive, nationwide network will save you time on research and outreach – with athenaOne, you can easily connect with:

  • providers
  • payers
  • labs
  • registries
  • health information exchanges

Comprehensive services replace vendors

athenaOne doesn’t just provide you with technology – you also gain access to services that take on your administrative work at scale. With experienced staff managing claims, post payments, process clinical documents, support appointment scheduling, and more, you can reduce or redistribute your full-time administrative headcount.

“After two or three years of this environment, our results in the quality-based realm of medicine are excellent. We are measuring those dollars now in the millions.” – Don Lee, CEO of HealthStar Physicians

Acquiring and Retaining Patients

Effective Outreach

With athenaOne, you can aggregate clinical and claims data to identify care gaps among your patient population and send automated outreach campaigns targeting those patients. It allows you not only to message patients to make an appointment and remind them to show up, but to do so in formats (text, email, app) that patients have already proven to use. Easy-to-use reporting features will allow you to learn from each campaign.

80% of athenahealth portal adopters return for a visit within 18 months, vs. 67% of patients who don’t use a patient portal

Efficient scheduling

Data driven algorithms can optimize scheduling in ways that humans never could. Predictive analytics allow you to schedule multiple patients for the same slot when a patient may be at risk of cancelling. When your appointment book stays full, your revenue streams do too.

Continued engagement

The more accessible your office is, the more likely you are to retain longtime patients and win new patients – athenaOne’s patient portal sends pre-appointment instructions, directions, or information on how to check in. Patients can also communicate with providers before their appointment so that specific issues can be reviewed ahead of time.

Improving Staff Productivity

More time with patients

Cloud platforms can collect granular data at every stage of care. With athenaOne, you can sort and sift data by location, department, and provider in order to better understand your team’s performance. IT collects and crunches all of this data while you’re focused on the patients themselves. And within an extensive network like athenahealth’s, you can also compare your results to those of similar practices.

Less time doing administrative work

The athenahealth team offers hands-on assistance, so you can scale administrative duties for clients across the network – and find ways to intelligently automate work to remove it completely. 

  • Spend less time tracking down and scanning clinical documents. Our network connections allow you to open many records from other EHRs directly in the patient’s chart, and we process all faxes for you.
  • Reduce staff time managing claims. Our constantly updated billing rules engine helps you submit cleaner claims; our teams manage denials for you; and we post payments on your behalf.

Guaranteeing Great Returns From Payers

Gain leverage with payers

With access to a national payment network, athenaOne provides deep visibility into financial performance, as well as the ability to compare results with those of similar organizations. Access to this financial data helps you identify areas where you’re being underpaid compared with your peers, so you can have more productive negotiations with payers.

Avoid payment penalties

The athenahealth team takes on the work of monitoring changes to federal quality programs, handling the attestation process for you, and updating workflows to help you satisfy requirements easily. Performance dashboards let you track progress on an ongoing basis, so you can avoid penalties and capture incentive payments.

Collect more from patients

Data-driven studies of medical offices across a national network can highlight best practices that help you reduce debt from patient obligations. Best practices are surfaced throughout your staff workflow to make them easy to follow:

  • Credit cards kept on file
  • Payment plans available to patients
  • Option to pay copays online before appointments
  • Easy to understand patient statements
  • Online payment via the patient portal


Uniting every branch of your practice into one integrated network can bring amazing benefits. With athenaOne, you get access to knowledgeable administration support 24/7/365 at low cost. Our cloud-based services save you from investing in costly and cumbersome servers, instead, with a modest monthly subscription, you can harness the power of large scale computing and nationwide provider networks, whether you’re a small practice or a large healthcare system.

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