Patient Engagement

We believe informed patients make for a healthier practice.

Countless hours are lost to administrative waste in practices across the country. We at Quatris Healthco are working hard to eliminate the problem from every angle, and one of the best means we’ve found is patient engagement. Informed patients show up on time for appointments, take their medications, pay on time, and so on.

Yet, keeping thousands of patients updated and motivated can be time-consuming, costly and complex. The antidote is this suite of integrated services, proven to increase revenue while reducing staff time dedicated to collections. Use these communications tools with athenaPractice to keep your patients up to date and in the loop.

Patient Portal

Improve your practice’s operational efficiency and help your patients stay informed with our Patient Portal solution. Active use of the portal by patients helps to streamline labor-intensive activities in the practice, like scheduling appointments, completing paperwork and delivering lab results. Our Patient Portal is loaded with functionality and totally configurable to your practice’s specifications and needs.

Use the Patient Portal to:

Electronic Statements

Get paid on time with help from our Electronic Statements functionality. Many patients complain that they can’t read or understand statements. Eliminate that hurdle to on-time payment by designing your statements to function properly. Is your Due Date easy to see and read? Do your patients know how to pay?

What may seem straightforward to staff inside the practice can be obtuse to patients. When it comes to billing there’s no room for confusion. With Electronic Statements enabled inside of athenaPractice, you’ll be able to rely on automation to prompt payments, saving your practice time and money.

According to MGMA, more than 30% of patient-owed balances are never collected.

ezReminder (Patient Notification)

Want to automate appointment notifications, or let your patients know when their prescription has been approved? ezReminder is a two-way communication platform that integrates directly with athenaPractice, and allows practices to easily communicate with patients over phone, email, text messaging, and more.

Online Bill Pay

Running a medical practice is a tough business. Did you know that medical practices send, on average, 3.3 statements to collect just one payment for services rendered? This underlying operational reality is a burden on your staff’s time, your systems and cash flow. Thankfully, you can use Online Bill Pay to reduce the burden considerably by routinely driving patients to input their payments online and on time, versus writing a check or calling the office with a credit card number.

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