Preparing Your Practice for 2020: Survive & Thrive in the New Year

December 12, 2019

With 2020 right around the corner, we want to give practices a leg up going into the new year. Our strategies can help your business refine existing business office and clinical workflows and strengthen customer engagement, so you can focus on maximizing patient care and improving financial stability throughout the year.

Encourage input from employees

When it comes time to plan for the new year – ask for input from all your clinical and billing staff as well as your providers. Because each employee’s role is different, and their interactions with patients may differ, their insight can be meaningful and serve to enhance the overall patient experience. This discovery process can illuminate points of friction and boost the quality and delivery of care for your practice in 2020.

Address ongoing denied claims

It’s not uncommon for practices to struggle with the management of denied claims. If you’re having trouble making headway on reducing the volume of rejected claims, consider a solution that provides targeted editing and a flexible rules engine that can help assist in the management of payer-specific contracts before they leave the practice management system. This functionality can assist in keeping claims on track while allowing your practice to realize an increase in revenue.

Step up your patient engagement

Over the last several years, it has become commonplace to utilize a patient portal to accomplish everything from scheduling appointments to checking lab results. Today there are many other ways to extend the reach of your patient engagement – consider implementing an automated notification solution that can send patient reminders via phone, text, and messaging. 

Whether it’s regarding upcoming appointments, sharing test or lab results, or informing a patient of a recall, automated notifications can greatly reduce both incoming and outgoing telephone calls. 

Overcome your 2019 challenges

To start the new year off right, we recommend reaching out to your PM/EMR vendor to determine if they provide consulting & professional services to help with any problems you have identified. Whether it’s a remote evaluation of your system controls or an onsite visit, your vendor’s expert staff can identify issues before they become critical, and help you achieve the best possible results in 2020. See if your PM/EMR vendor can provide support and education during CMS attestation, or whether they can protect against, or prepare you for a CMS audit. 

With Quatris Healthco’s Quality Consulting, you frequently meet with an expert who can help you avoid penalties while reaching desired incentives and bonuses. Our consultants analyze your practice’s performance, make recommendations based on specified goals, and maintain an open channel of communication throughout the year. Because things are priced accordingly, smaller practices can benefit from consulting services that may have been out-of-reach in the past.

Learn how Quatris Healthco can help your practice with Quality Consulting

Prepare for EPCS compliance

Since the “Support for Patients and Communities Act” law was signed in October 2018, a number of federal and state initiatives have been introduced to combat the growing opioid crisis. While the federal deadline for EPCS compliance is not until January 1, 2021, many states have already implemented their own version of the mandate – providers are required to prescribe controlled substances electronically with measures in place to circumvent forged and stolen prescriptions, and doctor shopping. 

With the right EMR, managing and submitting controlled substance prescriptions can be as straightforward as any other prescription. When looking for a solution to EPCS compliance, make sure your vendor offers a straightforward and secure solution, and that they can work with you and your IT team to educate you on each step in the process.

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Survive & Thrive with Quatris Healthco

As we move into the new year, we are here to help with the growth and optimization of your practice. Get in touch to find out more about how Quatris Healthco can help you thrive in 2020, and beyond!

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