RetroCAID Solutions

With daily monitoring & more, you’ll never miss another retroactive, self-pay Medicaid opportunity again.

All too often medical practices that accept Medicaid are faced with the challenge of knowing the patients eligibility status. While a patient may not have had Medicaid coverage on a particular date of service, many times that same encounter can go on to become eligible for retroactive reimbursement through Medicaid.

Practices are also likely to have thousands of self-pay and sliding fee encounters in athenaPractice, and any of those encounters can potentially become eligible for retroactive Medicaid at any point within the timely filing. Unfortunately many will expire beyond their respective timely filing periods before they are identified.

The Retroactive Medicaid Self-Pay Recovery Cycle

  • Start with the past 365 days
  • Search new encounters daily
  • See results < 30 days
  • Receive funds < 30-60 days

Quatris Healthco’s RetroCAID solution uses a set of proprietary algorithms to check the eligibility status of every self-pay and sliding fee encounter within your system and is monitored daily for the full length of its individual timely-filing lifespan. That means that every single encounter is scrubbed daily for 365 days or until it expires past timely filing.

When a historic encounter becomes retroactively eligible for reimbursement, your practice is immediately alerted and provided with all the pertinent billing details required for reimbursement.

Encounters are sorted and dated to ensure that time-sensitive claims are acted upon immediately and daily processing means that newly eligible historic encounters are caught quickly, and timely filing deadlines are met.

RetroCAID is a simple, effective and proven reports-based solution to ensure that you never miss another retroactive, self-pay Medicaid opportunity again!

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