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Continued Journey to Success…Centricity and Athenahealth

Whether the journey to Orlando in October 2019 will take you via plane, train or automobile, you can be sure this year’s Centricity Healthcare User Group (CHUG 2019) will be like no other you have attended before.

The CHUG theme “Continued Journey to Success…Centricity and Athenahealth” carries a lot of meaning for both Quatris Healthco and our customers. Success is a process. Success doesn’t just happen; it requires a journey of working through developments and deviations to get to the next step. In today’s healthcare environment, being adaptable is the first step in the journey to success.  

We are on a journey together, and the future is bright with innovation. Athenahealth executives, users, and vendors are embracing the journey of transformation, streamlining workflows, enhancing coordination of care, and improving patient safety more than ever before. 

We look forward to joining our customers and hearing from industry leaders about important topics in healthcare. Don’t miss out on the CHUG conference 2019 early bird special through July 31.

Lastly, and since we are focusing on the journey, we’ll leave you with these recognizable words from the famous 70’s rock band…yes, that’s right we’re talking Journey and their timeless song… Don’t Stop Believin’.

Visit: https://www.centricityusers.com/chug-fall-2019-registration-open/ for details!