It's Time to Lose The Old School Hardware and Move to The Cloud

Nostalgia's great, but not when it comes to your practice's technology. Ditch the vintage hardware and increase safety, data security and system performance when you transition into the cloud.

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At Quatris Healthco we know the importance of protecting and having access to patient data when needed, and we have the expertise to manage your Centricity servers data maintenance and security.

Running Centricity off of your own local server requires constant attention and expert management – using our Cloud service means you won’t have to worry about uptime, updates, or even cyber thieves looking to steal your practice’s data.

In today's busy medical practices the inability to access patient data for any reason is not just “bad business” for your practice, it could impact patient safety, and that’s never acceptable.

What Does Running in The Cloud Look Like?

Cloud services allow you to take your Centricity records and move them from your local server to our cloud-based solution.

Quatris Healthco’s cloud services are based on a remote desktop connection – you simply log in to a website that launches your connection and access Centricity, indexing, billing, portals and hospital connections from that remote desktop.

Why Make The Switch to Cloud?

Improve System Performance

Our cloud services balance and monitor load times to deliver peak performance.

High Availability and Uptime

Remote backups and built-in redundancy provide industry gold standard 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Proactive Maintenance

Our services manage all critical Centricity maintenance and update tasks so you can focus on patient care.

Disaster Recovery & Increased Security

Redundancy ensures your systems operate in the event of an unexpected outage. Our Centers are monitored 24/7/365 by certified network engineers.

Cost Effective

Running in the cloud offers substantial cost savings over running your own network and no capital acquisition costs.

What Does Your Switch to The Cloud Look Like?

If you’re ready to learn more about making the switch, Quatris Healthco’s cloud experts can walk you through the migration steps and show you what a migration timeline might look like.

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